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Performance Machine

The primary concept underlying this project entails the design of a futuristic theater tailored for a utopian epoch, with a pronounced focus on robotic fabrication and its pivotal role in preserving the tradition of ornamental culture. Theater buildings have historically been regarded as integral components of the performances they host, particularly with respect to intricate embellishments. However, the creation of these ornaments demands substantial resources in terms of labor, energy, and time. Envisioning processes capable of producing exquisitely detailed elements while minimizing energy consumption becomes a critical consideration.

The Performance Machine exemplifies how advancements in computation and fabrication can materialize novel architectural realms. The objective is to unveil a plethora of distinct and varied geometries that craft an immersive and intellectually engaging spatial encounter for the observer. In terms of form, our endeavor has centered on realizing porous, multi-layered structures imbued with depth, thereby cultivating an organic aesthetic that resides at the intersection of human craftsmanship and the natural environment.

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