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Hystrics | Interactive agents

The central concept of this project revolves around the creation of a cohort of entities capable of mutual interaction and engagement with their surrounding environment. These entities, known as "Hysterics," consist of three distinct creatures that have been dissociated from their primary entity. While collectively these three agents manifest intricate collaborative behaviors to form a comprehensive entity, each individual agent now embodies a singular and elementary function. Each creature is attuned to a specific sensory modality.

The first creature responds to proximity-based stimuli; the act of bringing one's hands near it prompts the emission of a sound, while physical contact induces silence. The second creature integrates a camera sensor and reacts to close proximity by generating a mist-like effect. The third creature, akin to a pliable robot, exhibits mobility triggered by our approach.

The structural framework of these sculptures is constructed using carbon fiber. This involves the weaving the carbon fiber around a preconstructed form, followed by a curing process to solidify the sculpture's shape. All models are outfitted with Arduino kits and servomotors, which incorporate diverse sensors including distance, camera, and touch sensors.

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