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Random Symbiosis

This project was undertaken in affiliation with the Iran University of Science and Technology to create a dynamic monument possessing the capacity to engage with students in motion. Furthermore, it served as an opportunity for us to delve into the realm of responsive design, designing a project to adapt to diverse environmental influences. This interdisciplinary endeavor was a collaborative venture involving graduates from Mechanical Engineering and Architecture, encompassing intricate work in programming, utilization of Arduino kits, and engagement with diverse mechanical systems.

To establish this interactive facet, the fundamental requirement was to devise a structure amenable to transformation based on the movements of visitors. Thus, the challenge lay in the design of a mechanism capable of executing these movements, while establishing the correlation between the forces exerted by servomotors and their translation into captivating external configurations. Concurrently, meticulous assessment of various elastic materials and their pliability was essential, in relation to the specific threshold of force tolerable by the servomotors.

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