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Structurally Adaptable Shoes

Mostafa Akbari, Masoud Akbarzadeh

The project "Structurally Adaptable Shoe" serves as another exemplar showcasing the practical utilization of shellular structures. Within this study, insights derived from foot podometry were employed to inform the design of a shoe's midsole, tailored to withstand the specific forces exerted by the feet. To achieve this, a systematic approach was adopted. Various shellular unit cells were conceptualized and subsequently assessed for their respective levels of stiffness. From this evaluation, two distinct unit cell designs were selected, each characterized by differing degrees of stiffness. These selected designs were strategically incorporated into different segments of the midsole.

Precisely, the unit cell possessing lower stiffness was strategically implemented in regions necessitating greater flexibility, while the unit cell with higher stiffness found its place in sections requiring enhanced rigidity. This design approach capitalizes on the inherent advantages of the shellular technique, thereby facilitating the creation of a gradient that transitions from cell to shell structures. The integration of divergent unit cells, each distinguished by unique geometries, culminates in the formation of a hybrid structure that seamlessly combines various components into a cohesive whole.

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