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P2P Site-less House

Mostafa Akbari, Aishwarya Katta, Naman Gupta

The research intends to address the challenges in the design development process and fabrication of the P2P Siteless House. The existing design of the house needs to be rationalized. The rationalization will include: dividing the geometry into prefabricated parts with structural integrity, proper sealing strategies, and meticulous detailing for the interior as well as the exterior of the house. The primary objective of the research is to address the fabrication challenges of the Tiny House project. The structure of the research is two-fold: first, to research the fabrication challenges for cutting the formwork of the parts using robotic wire cutting technique and to find solutions to rationalize and improve the existing design of the house; and second, to fabricate a part of the house assembled in the form of a mock-up to manifest the solutions to construct the entire project.

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